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Project Description

This sample project provides programmers C# solutions to process Excel files generated by ClosedXML as well as MS Excel by using free Excel component. Most features are not supported by ClosedXML itself, so we build this sample package to perform much more operations, such as conversion from xlxs file to Image, PDF, XML, CSV, insert Image, insert OLE object and etc.

What free Excel Component aims to do is take the complexity out of working with Excel in .NET and increase your productivity, improve code readability and reduce the amount of code you need to write.

Feature List

  • xlsx->pdf
  • xlsx->xml
  • xlsx->csv
  • xlsx->image
  • Insert Image
  • Insert Chart
  • Insert Sparkline
  • Save Chart to Image
  • Set Background
  • Insert Control
  • Insert OLE Object
  • Set View Mode
  • Zoom
  • Export Data to Datatable


This project is sponsored by E-iceblue. Spire.XLS, a free Excel component for commercial and personal use, has been utilized for processing ClosedXML documents.

Feedback and Support

Any question, bug report, comment and feedback are welcomed. You can leave them directly or contact us by e-mail.

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